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Multiple Sclerosis and Ignoring Your Body

I remember my trips to the doctor when I was a child, and I smile. Aside from the occasional poke with a needle, those visits were mostly cheerful. I got to play with the strange-looking dummies with the removable eyeballs, and I stuck out my tongue as instructed. After thinking my doctor was some magician…

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Hello 2021!

Okay, I’ve made it to the year 2021. I spent the latter part of the previous year praying for it to end without a new surprise or emergency. When the new year came, I hoped that it would magically wipe away some of the gloom and desperation I felt in 2020. It didn’t. For one,…

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Multiple Sclerosis: The Diagnosis

On November 19th 2020, I woke up feeling weird. There was no reason for the feeling. The sun shined just as it had the previous day. Other than a solo Thanksgiving during the pandemic, there was no new development in my life. Still, my body just felt – different. I went to my computer intending…

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