Multiple Sclerosis and Ignoring Your Body

I remember my trips to the doctor when I was a child, and I smile. Aside from the occasional poke with a needle, those visits were mostly cheerful. I got to play with the strange-looking dummies with the removable eyeballs, and I stuck out my tongue as instructed. After thinking my doctor was some magician…

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Hello 2021!

Okay, I’ve made it to the year 2021. I spent the latter part of the previous year praying for it to end without a new surprise or emergency. When the new year came, I hoped that it would magically wipe away some of the gloom and desperation I felt in 2020. It didn’t. For one,…

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Multiple Sclerosis: The Diagnosis

On November 19th 2020, I woke up feeling weird. There was no reason for the feeling. The sun shined just as it had the previous day. Other than a solo Thanksgiving during the pandemic, there was no new development in my life. Still, my body just felt – different. I went to my computer intending…

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Did Your Job Teach You Anything?

What has the pandemic taught you about your job? What has sickness and massive unemployment taught you about the company that cuts your check? How has that lesson impacted your plans for the future? I know a guy that was with a company for 34 years. Do you know what happened as soon as times…

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