A Teen Romance Novel: Something’s Broken


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About The Author

Nathan Jay

Nathan Jay

Nathan Jay is an emerging fiction author. He currently resides in Washington, DC.

Nathan Jay’s Something’s Broken is a teen romance novel so many people can relate to.

Alicia is living on the edge. At her new school she’s an outsider struggling to make new friends. Her explosive behavior forces her to lash out unexpectedly, alienating everyone. At home things are worse. Alicia’s mother has abandoned her, leaving the teenager alone to take care of her ailing father.

Julian is a successful football player with a beautiful girlfriend. But his life isn’t as perfect as it seems. He’s hiding a dark secret from the world that is about to destroy his life. Julian wants to talk to his girlfriend about the problem, but her aggressive questioning is too humiliating. He wants to confide in his uncle, but the man is irresponsible and can barely manage to pay the rent. Unable to confide in anyone, Julian stumbles through his teenage years making mistakes unable to find the parental guidance he so desparately needs.

When these two teenagers meet, they’re forced to accept the truth about who they are, their painful pasts, and the limits to which they’re willing to go for love. Something’s Broken is a teen romance novel about the imperfections of youth and learning to accept others no matter their faults.





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