End of the World Novels: Reign of the Buffalo 2

In Book 2 of the Reign of the Buffalo Series, Wilson is on a mission to save his brother. But little does he know there is something powerful controlling his family deep in the forest.


About The Author

Nathan Jay

Nathan Jay

Nathan Jay is an emerging fiction author. He currently resides in Washington, DC.

End of the world novels sometimes leave you with the same storyline. Not this one. Nathan Jay’s Reign of the Buffalo continues with book two.

Book 2 in Reign of the Buffalo series, the world Wilson grew up in is almost gone. After struggling to understand his newfound powers, Wilson is thrust into a supernatural world he doesn’t understand. His brother Michael is missing, taken by a strange man who wants to destroy the world with evil; Wilson’s mother and father are unable to help Wilson rescue his brother and remain trapped in a cabin while sinister spirits try to kill them. With no adults to help, Wilson joins forces with three teen boys to rescue his brother before the sinister Mr. Green takes him to hell.

But a bigger danger lies in wait.

Hidden deep in the woods is a creature drawing strength from Oshua’s Red Moon, a mystical once in a lifetime event unknown to most of the world. The creature is using the moon to manipulate until it gets what it wants – control of the world.

As far as end of the world novels go, this one is definitely unique.


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