One of the best scary books, John Mudd

A group of criminals stumble upon a strange family hidden deep in the forest. John Mudd is one of the best scary books!


About The Author

Nathan Jay

Nathan Jay

Nathan Jay is an emerging fiction author. He currently resides in Washington, DC.

Somewhere hidden in the darkness of the forest lives a demonic creature preparing for evil. No one has seen him, yet he is all things wicked. Speaking his name is unholy; the mere mention of it has the power to conjure up hellish creatures from the earth. As each day passes, he moves closer to rapture – the day when he takes all the souls for his own. See why John Mudd by Nathan Jay is one of the best scary books.

After committing a crime, a group of criminals evade the police by running into a forest where they stumble upon a strange family. With the police closing in and nowhere to hide, the men decide to hide at the family’s house deep in the forest. The family agrees to take them in providing shelter and food to the group of men. Strange children appear and disappear. The father, while initially warm to letting the men stay in his house, has a weird personality. And then there’s the boy, John; a child suffering from multiple personalities. One day when having a brief conversation with John, one of the men accidentally uncovers one of the family’s secrets – secrets that reveal the true sinister intentions of the family and the reason they’re hiding in the forest.

If you love horror, John Mudd is the book for you. Nathan Jay takes you on a wild and unexpected ride through horror that bends your imagination while delivering thrills. And although this is the first book in the John Mudd series, Nathan Jay provides an interesting and exciting explanation of John Mudd’s beginnings and the source of his evil. When you finish reading this book you will agree that John Mudd is one of the best scary books. Expect regular releases of the John Mudd series throughout the year.



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