Nathan Jay

Nightmare: The Same Dream for 20 Years


I have nightmares about Tornados. I don’t know exactly when it started, but I only know that I’m killed in one every year. I've dreamed of dying the same way at least twice per year for twenty years. Some people have told me it’s because of something I’m hiding, a fear I’ve not yet worked up the courage to tackle. Some would consider this nightmare very unsettling, but I've accepted it as a normal part of my life. Friend and Family Opinions Others have told me the nightmares is about something weighing me down, stalking me from the depths of...

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Book Covers: The Challenge

Horror Book Covers

Alright, so it’s book covers this week. I’ve decided to concentrate on finding a book cover designer for my three novels. Additionally, I hope to set up a system to get my fantasy book cover started. What I Hope to Find Since the book cover will primarily make or break a book, I’ve chosen to search for designers whose work jumps out at me. After searching, I had to alter my criteria. While being conscious of how much you spend on horror book covers is a great goal, I quickly realized something. If you're going to be cheap, it's going...

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New Horror Series: My Journey

Rapid Releasing three horror novels in two months.

A new horror series. Wow! I’m excited! I’ve just finished three horror novels and can breathe a little. It took me roughly a year to create a new horror series, but I've finished after a ton of work and a million cups of tea. And let me tell you, that’s no easy task. The process cost me a few friends, created a crack in my family interactions and made my mind a little weird. Oh well, what do you expect after writing about bizarre stuff? Now it’s time to get the word out for this new horror series. Releasing the...

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Books to Read: Reign of the Buffalo

Book Title: Reign of the Buffalo Published: February 2021 Inspiration Generally, making worthwhile books to read consists of me sitting down and typing, but this book was the exception. After reading the newspaper, I found an interesting story about the history of the American buffalo. The story was about how the U.S. Government targeted buffalo to starve Native Americans and take their land. I know. It's pretty hardcore stuff. Taking on such a hard subject made this one of my more difficult books to read, but it's a true story, so I engaged and wrapped it in my imagination. I'm...

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Horror Writing Exercise: A Taste of Strange

I felt like I’ve neglected my horror writing, so I decided to go out into the world to see what would scare me. It's one of my horror writing exercises and sometimes I get more out of it than I expect. The plan was to go to the grocery store, drop off some dry cleaning, and then point my car in the direction of Washington DC. Weird shit was always happening in the nation’s capital, and I wanted to prop myself up either at a protest rally, Georgetown, or the train station and wait for inspiration to punch me in...

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