Book Covers: The Challenge

Book Covers: The Challenge

Horror Book Covers

Alright, so it’s book covers this week. I’ve decided to concentrate on finding a book cover designer for my three novels. Additionally, I hope to set up a system to get my fantasy book cover started.

What I Hope to Find

Since the book cover will primarily make or break a book, I’ve chosen to search for designers whose work jumps out at me. After searching, I had to alter my criteria. While being conscious of how much you spend on horror book covers is a great goal, I quickly realized something. If you’re going to be cheap, it’s going to show. I immediately scratched several platforms from consideration (I won’t mention them out of respect for their businesses). After combing through a few options a couple of my author buddies recommended, I decided to go with a designer on Reedsy. While some designers were charging too much, I found a designer with an impressive portfolio that fit the story I planned on delivering.

The Biggest Problem

The only catch is that this designer is in high demand and has a backlog of several months. And since I’m working with three different horror book covers, I have no time to see how he does with one of the horror book covers before deciding to proceed with the other two. It’s all in or nothing, and that’s a considerable risk since this guy isn’t too cheap. Furthermore, Reedsy locks you into a loose agreement with the artist. If you change your mind, expect a little drama.

I’ve decided to proceed. I’ll have to delay the project if the results aren’t good. But if I don’t lock into the artist’s schedule now, more people will enter his queue, and I’ll have to change my release date.

I plan on releasing several fantasy novels, so what I’m learning this go-round will give me a blueprint to follow. Although Fantasy Book Covers are slightly different, I guess it’ll be the same system. Let’s see how it goes.

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