March 2023

Nightmare: The Same Dream for 20 Years


I have nightmares about Tornados. I don’t know exactly when it started, but I only know that I’m killed in one every year. I've dreamed of dying the same way at least twice per year for twenty years. Some people have told me it’s because of something I’m hiding, a fear I’ve not yet worked up the courage to tackle. Some would consider this nightmare very unsettling, but I've accepted it as a normal part of my life. Friend and Family Opinions Others have told me the nightmares is about something weighing me down, stalking me from the depths of...

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Book Covers: The Challenge

Horror Book Covers

Alright, so it’s book covers this week. I’ve decided to concentrate on finding a book cover designer for my three novels. Additionally, I hope to set up a system to get my fantasy book cover started. What I Hope to Find Since the book cover will primarily make or break a book, I’ve chosen to search for designers whose work jumps out at me. After searching, I had to alter my criteria. While being conscious of how much you spend on horror book covers is a great goal, I quickly realized something. If you're going to be cheap, it's going...

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