February 2023

New Horror Series: My Journey

Fantasy writer

A new horror series. Wow! I’m excited! I’ve just finished three horror novels and can breathe a little. It took me roughly a year to create a new horror series, but I've finished after a ton of work and a million cups of tea. And let me tell you, that’s no easy task. The process cost me a few friends, created a crack in my family interactions and made my mind a little weird. Oh well, what do you expect after writing about bizarre stuff? Now it’s time to get the word out for this new horror series. Releasing the...

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Books to Read: Reign of the Buffalo

Book Title: Reign of the Buffalo Published: February 2021 Inspiration Generally, making worthwhile books to read consists of me sitting down and typing, but this book was the exception. After reading the newspaper, I found an interesting story about the history of the American buffalo. The story was about how the U.S. Government targeted buffalo to starve Native Americans and take their land. I know. It's pretty hardcore stuff. Taking on such a hard subject made this one of my more difficult books to read, but it's a true story, so I engaged and wrapped it in my imagination. I'm...

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